30.09. 2014


The European Commission organised two international high-level space research events, LET’S EMBRACE SPACE, from 15th to 17th September in Rome, Italy.
The first event was the 3rd International Space Research Conference where speakers presented their current status and results of the FP7 Space projects, demonstrating the evolution and use of space technologies for sustainable economic, social, cultural and environmental development in European and global contexts. The second event was to introduce the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation with the Horizon 2020 Space Info Day.

The topics from the conference ranged from Space based applications – Earth observation and Navigation, Space Science and Exploration, Space Technologies, Round table on the future of EU space research.

Professor David Burgess, Project Coordinator of the EU FP7 space project SHOCK, was invited to speak at the Space Science and Exploration session to present the project, the teams involved and the progress and scientific results achieved.

These events provided an excellent opportunity to present and discover the results of the FP7 space projects, but also to get a good sense of the current state of space research. It was also an occasion to meet scientists, network, share views and discuss new ideas for future projects and collaborations.

Conference website:
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