Project plan

Work Packages

WP1 Management
WP2 Kinetic models from the solar transition region to the solar wind (KSWM)
WP3 Kinetic instabilities in the solar wind (KISW)
WP4 Ion cyclotron frequency dissipation and solar wind evolution (ICDSW)
WP5 FLR‐Landau fluid code development (FLRD)
WP6 Turbulence and coherent structures in the solar wind (TCS)
WP7 Interaction of the solar wind with weakly magnetised bodies (ISWMB)
WP8 Collisionless quasi‐perpendicular shocks (CQPES)
WP9 Collisionless quasi‐parallel shock and foreshock (CQPAS)
WP10 Kinetic reconnection (KR)
WP11 Particle acceleration and heating (PAH)
WP12 Visualisation and just‐in‐time scientific data delivery (VSDD)
WP13 Public outreach and dissemination (POD)
WP14 Data Analysis Coordination and Integration (DACI)
WP15 Scientific and technical coordination

A GANTT chart showing the relative timing of work packages

  • 7
  • ERA
  • ESA
  • Queen Mary
  • CNRS
  • ASU
  • Sprinx systems
  • University of St. Andrews