RSS Feeds

What is an RSS (Really Simple Syndication / RDF Site Summary) feed?

In brief, it is a simply structured XML file allowing you continuous tracking of any changes of selected content (typically blog posts or events) on some website. The detailed description can be found for instance at Wikipedia.

What is the key benefit of this technology for you?

The RSS immediately provides to you updates from websites without having to visit any site to see if there is new content.

How can you handle it?

There are two usual options - you can use either your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) or specialized news reader, which is usually for free (e.g. FeedDemon or others). Afterwards, you can subscribe to our RSS feeds - see below.

SHOCK project RSS feeds for you

If you use your web browser as an RSS reader, then you can click on relevant link(s) below to subscribe to our information channels. If you use specialized news reader, then you need to install it first and then you can copy relevant link(s) and insert them into your reader.

Blog posts (actual specialized articles and information):
Events (meetings, conferences, etc.):
VML Portal (recent activities - new data availability):

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