Refereed Publications / Year 2012

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Date Author(s) Details of the publication
11/01 Burgess D., Drake J., Marsch E., Velli M., von Steiger R., Zurbuchen T. H. Multi-Scale Physics in Coronal Heating and Solar Wind Acceleration Foreword
Space Science Reviews, V.172, Issue 1-4, pp. 1-3, DOI
11/01 Burgess D., Möbius E., Scholer M. Ion Acceleration at the Earth's Bow Shock
Space Science Reviews, Vol.173, Issue 1-4, pp.5-47, DOI
11/16 Landi S., Matteini L., Pantellini F. On the Competition Between Radial Expansion and Coulomb Collisions in Shaping the Electron Velocity Distribution Function: Kinetic Simulations
The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 760, Issue 2, article id. 143, DOI
09/26 Laveder D., Passot T., Sulem P. L. Phys. Plasmas 19 | Phase slips and dissipation of Alfvenic intermediate shocks and solitons
092116 (14 pp.), DOI
08/20 Passot T., Sulem P. L., Hunana P. Phys. Plasmas 19 | Extending magnetohydrodynamics to the slow dynamics of collisionless plasmas
082113 (15 pp.), DOI
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